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Au sujet de la représentation de profils au moyen d’arbres superposés (1985)

Par : E. García Camarero

Este articulo se publicó en las Actas del "Premier Congrès International RIAO 85", celebrado en Grenoble, Francia, del 18 al 20 de marzo de 1985, en las páginas de 661 a 680.


The aim of this paper is to describe a method of how to represent profiles of the related references with the minimum use of memory and time resources.

So, we use a global representation of all the profiles through arborescence or superposed trees in such a way that each node will be represented only once, independently of the number of trees in which it appears, minimizing in that way the space in memory.

Besides, it will be minimized the time of references elaboration associated with the set of profiles, because for each node it will be only necessary to calculate its references once.

We will start by making some informal regards on profiles representation in an intuitive way. Afterwards, we’ll give some formal definitions about the different files used in the representation ; also, the operations carried out for file’s origination and update, and lastly the elaboration of the reference sets.

We shall take a very simple command language for the prole definition to make easier the description of the method but wide enough so that it could spread out without difficulties to other general cases.